• Selecting an object

So, among the huge number of cities you have chosen Munich, and turned to us, because we will help you in all stages.

It is very important to understand what you want your future home to serve: commercial or personal.

What do you want to give preference: new construction or secondary construction? You should take into consideration the fact that an apartment in a new building will cost less, but you will be able to see your future home only in the project, because the apartments in the houses under construction are still sold out at the stage of the foundation stone.

  • Layout and drawings will help you understand what your future home will be like.
  • Reserving an object.

Once your choice of property is made, we apply to the seller or builder.

  • Explanation of the features of the project, the contract of sale

We gather the full package of documentation required for the transaction and explain to you all the specifics. You will not have any unclear points – we guarantee this.


  • Signing of documents at the notary.

Real estate registration always takes place before a notary, who is an independent person and explains all the points of the contract in detail.



  • Payment for the facility. 

How we pay for our future home in Munich. As a rule, the first payment is 25%, the subsequent payments are broken down into several installments, the last of which is paid after we receive the keys to the new apartment.

  • Selection of sample finishes.

It is always nice to think about the future arrangement of the house. At the same time, you should not forget for what purposes the purchased housing will serve.

  • Choosing a fireplace and a kitchen

It is an important and troublesome thing to choose your kitchen among a huge variety of proposals. Always bring your kitchen wiring plan with you, and the experts are always ready to help.

  • Richtfest. Time to experience an old German tradition: Feel like a Bavarian!

The mid-construction celebration, when the walls are already in place. Residents and builders celebrate together. It is a good opportunity to get to know your future neighbors.

  • Pre-acceptance of the apartment.

Together with us and the builder, you inspect the almost finished apartment and draw up a list of defects that the builder must eliminate before the final acceptance of the apartment. If you cannot personally attend this stage, we will carry out the inspection ourselves meticulously and meticulously, just be sure to give us a power of attorney to carry out such work.

  • Final acceptance of the apartment.

Transfer and Acceptance Act. Receiving the keys. The penultimate stage – you are standing in your new apartment, now it is not just a plan on paper – it is a beautiful reality with walls, windows and doors.

When did I become a full owner?

Your new apartment is completely transferred to your ownership after completing three important steps:

– The last part of the payment is transferred to the builder’s account, you have paid 100% of the price!

– The apartment-house is commissioned and the acceptance report is signed,

– The Land Registry is updated and the title deed is registered in the buyer’s name.

Now the notary sends you all the necessary documents – now is the time to sigh easy and celebrate. Congratulations, you are now the owner of a property in Munich

We will be immensely happy to help you every step of the way, and if you need help managing your new property, our acquaintance will continue, hopefully to everyone’s satisfaction.