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How do mortgages work in Germany?

 You and I are afraid of mortgages. There are no official statistics, but realtors say that nine out of ten clients from Russia who are considering buying a house do not initially think about mortgages in Germany. Whether they do not trust the banks, or afraid to get into bondage. In vain! What is “Mortgage in Germany for Foreigners”?


 Yes, they are giving out mortgages in Germany. And more and more actively. Annual growth in mortgage lending in the country is about 4%. In 2016, the volume of mortgages issued in Germany was €231.6 billion, a quarter more than in 2009. Germany is the largest mortgage market in the European Union after Great Britain; when Brexit ends, it will be the largest.

Mortgages in Germany are usually issued at a fixed interest rate, which is fixed for 5-10 years, and in rare cases for 15 years. Loans with floating interest rates are not popular in the country: they are in the total 1% (in the UK 72%, in Spain – 75%, says a report by Research Gate).

With us you will learn what a mortgage in Germany is and what you need for it. We are happy to tell you about all the risks as well as warn you about the pitfalls and advise you on how to go through the process from start to finish profitably. 

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