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We, WiP Immobilien GmbH – take over the complete technical and administrative management in Munich and the whole of Germany. Qualified employees with a real estate background ensure that your interests are served by achieving maximum efficiency in the use of your property. WIP holds a special “Property Management Certificate” from the Munich Chamber of Commerce.

What kind of objects we manage:


The primary goal of the buyer as an investor is to make the greatest profit and to secure the value of their investment.

The important thing is to have a solvent tenant who is interested in a long-term relationship and who takes good care of the property that has been entrusted to them.

"In Germany, the cost of managing commercial property is between 3% and 6% of the rental payments."
Regina Borger

We guarantee you absolute reliability, a sensible repair policy and sound financial management aimed at transparency, consistency and cost optimisation. Not forgetting proper insurance management to be ready for all eventualities. Another advantage for you is that we integrate our clients into favourable framework agreements with service providers and insurers and save money here.

It is not without reason that experience, knowledge and good availability are the qualities that our long-standing customers value in us. Try us out!

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    Financial Administration

    In the long run, it costs much more to operate a property than it does to plan and build it. We, the professional property manager, regularly monitor the condition of your property, constantly check your utility contracts, and raise the rent. This saves you a lot of money. We promise we will take care of it!

    Technical control

    Commercial real estate must be under structural and technical supervision. For this reason, the administrator inspects the property and checks both the technology of the property and its condition. If, for example, the premises have to be converted for a new tenant, this is also carried out by the administrator. He organises and coordinates the conversion measures and is in contact with all important service providers as well as the owner.

    The financial management includes:

    Technical maintenance and modernisation

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    We do everything with German care, maintaining complete confidentiality and guaranteeing the highest level of service. With us, you will feel at home! 


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    Regina Borger

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