A residence permit in Germany – desire and opportunity are two conditions under which a foreign citizen has the right to a residence permit in Germany. The first is no less important than the second… Experts on investment immigration talk about what you need to remember and know if you plan to get closer to the “anchor economy of Europe.”



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1. Current programs in the European Union for granting a residence permit or citizenship – through the purchase of real estate, securities or investments – are in the nature of a sale. At the same time, they are not consistent with the real desire of a person to move to a particular country: the applicant may not have such a desire. From the point of view of European legislation, this is a dubious practice that does not like the European Commission and such large countries as Germany and France.

That is why in recent months we have seen a process when countries are forced to either completely close the program (like Hungary) or show statistics and specific people who have “purchased” citizenship.

2. Germany is not developing a special law to attract wealthy people to the country. The country does not have a special program, and this is its great advantage. Because, among other things, the country can ensure the anonymity of people who have received a residence permit on the basis of financial independence. This is important for our clients right now.

3. The first and main argument for obtaining a residence permit in Germany is the desire to transfer the center of vital interests to the country in the future. That is, you must WANT to live in Germany.

To obtain a residence permit in Germany are welcome, including indirect confirmation of the desire to move to Germany in the future

4. For wealthy people, the easiest way to get a residence permit is to prove the availability of capital. That is, to confirm their financial capabilities in Germany, Russia or in any other third country.

Buying real estate, starting a business, investing in the economy is not required. The presence of real estate, however, is not mandatory, but a positive factor. It indirectly helps to confirm the availability of funds and motivation to live in Germany.

5. German laws and regulations do not provide for a minimum amount of capital sufficient to obtain a residence permit. But, according to our practice, we are talking about a total fortune of at least €1 million per family. The asset is valued based on the value of real estate, shares in enterprises, bank accounts (not necessarily German), etc.

In addition to property, the applicant must have a regular passive income of €4-5 thousand per month for each family member. It does not matter in which country the applicant receives this income. But it needs to be confirmed.

You also need to purchase or rent a home and pay for private health insurance.
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The presence of real estate is not mandatory, but a positive factor

6. Regarding regular income, there are no clear recommendations in the legislation of the country either. This can be income from renting out real estate, remuneration for work as a member of the supervisory board or board of directors, dividends, etc. You can also take into account the potential income that the applicant can only receive from renting real estate.

Requirements for the right of ownership – that is, to whom the property is registered – are flexible. The main thing is that in fact the applicant has it.

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7. The source of income must be obvious, plausible and understandable from the written statement. Indeed, at the time of submission of documents, the applicant has only the desire and the opportunity to obtain a residence permit. Without any guarantees.

Indirect confirmation of the desire to move to Germany in the future is also welcome. It can be real estate and an account in a German bank. Although there are many cases when people received a residence permit in the complete absence of any assets in Germany. Everything is individually and subjectively assessed by the competent authorities.

8. In order not to be in a bad position during the submission of documents, it is worth using the services of an investment immigration consultant. Why?

Firstly, it will help to realistically assess financial opportunities. Secondly, prepare a package of documents. It is quite voluminous, although there is nothing complicated in it. As there are no special requirements, such as certificates from the tax office or a document on the absence of a criminal record. You just need to correctly complete all the information as much as possible – financial documents and documents of a personal nature.

The consultant accompanies the entire multi-stage process, from submitting an application to issuing a residence permit. The applicant is only required to personally arrive at the embassy or consulate general once – during the submission of documents. The next time is to come to Germany to apply for residence permit cards.

9. The application is submitted to the foreign representation of Germany. It can already at its level accept or reject it. Further, the documents and the application are sent to the local self-government body for foreigners. In the district department (in the region where the applicant would like to move in the future), the documents are considered and a response is issued. In case of a positive decision, the applicant receives a so-called national visa, enters Germany and receives a residence permit.

The duration of the process depends on the applicant: how quickly he is ready to provide all the documents. After they are submitted, it takes an average of six months for a final decision to be made.

10. There can be two reasons for refusal: objective – a person overestimated his property – and subjective. In the second case, everything depends on the specific official in place, simply because in Germany there is no clear law or special immigration program. But even in case of refusal, it is possible to achieve the opposite decision by arguments and negotiations. Here the help of a consultant will be invaluable.
11. A residence permit in Germany is issued for a year, less often for two. And already from the first day of its validity, you can permanently stay in Germany, move around the Schengen zone, and receive private health insurance. Children receive the right to free education in public schools and universities in the same way as German citizens if they finished school there.

12. Extending a residence permit is easier. This is a one-step decision that is made at the municipality level. In our experience, a residence permit is extended in 100% of cases if the applicant has housing (even rented), medical insurance. And he can also present a bank account, which will have enough funds for the family to live in the country for six months or a year.

The fact is that it is easier for the state to extend the residence permit for a candidate. Not to do this means dooming government agencies to many years of litigation, a complex procedure for expulsion and deprivation of rights.

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