Every year our company is present at several significant and interesting events dedicated to the real estate market in Munich and Germany in general. The start of this year was no exception. Exhibition of new buildings in Munich April 8-10, 2016.

выставка недвижимости в мюнхене MIM 2016

Projects and finished objects with a total volume of 5,000 apartments and houses within the “greater Munich” were presented.
New locations for large and infill developments have been announced in the future.
More than 60 developers, brokers and financial institutions are gathered under one roof.
Lectures and discussions were held not only on real estate issues.

All developers are looking for new places to build and actively communicate with brokers who have the opportunity to find land for development, and government agencies responsible for issuing building permits. And we are not talking about some very “elite” building sites. In Munich, in principle, almost all land with a building permit for an apartment building is considered potentially attractive.

Most developers keep prices and sell 50% of the volume of apartments at the stage of preliminary announcement (study of consumer demand and obtaining a building permit), as well as at the stage of excavation. We always recommend our clients to make a purchase decision during this period of time, as we have the opportunity to choose an apartment for which “the soul lies”.

Premium developers motivate their prices (10-30% higher than those of competitors) by the fact that they carry out infill development in more attractive places in terms of transport and pedestrian accessibility. Despite all the same, the ubiquitous “German quality”, their houses are built according to “green technologies” (with lower energy consumption). The number of apartments varies from 6 to 20 in one house, which increases, from the point of view of buyers (especially Russian), their “eliteness” in comparison with houses of “mass construction”, for example, 100-150 apartments. I would like to note, based on our many years of experience, they are right. We, as a management company, see in such houses a more “point approach” from each tenant to the common property and the surrounding area.

Financial organizations pleased us with offers for foreign investors.

We have agreed with another bank to provide our clients with loans at an “acceptable interest rate” with fixed interest rates for 5 and 10 years, as well as with full repayment of the loan up to 30 years.

The result of our three-day presence: The market has lived, the market is alive and will live and develop. We did not find any hint of an “overheated market” or a decrease in consumer demand.

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