1. Investment attractiveness. Review of prices in the sales and rental market. Forecasts for the future.

2. Security and safety of investments. Notarization of the contract of sale, registration.

3. Scheme of purchase in the primary market. What are brokers for?

Accompaniment of professionals in your native language at all stages of the transaction.

Search for an object, the procedure for concluding a notary agreement, payment, mortgage, selection of interior decoration and plumbing for a facility under construction, act of acceptance and transfer of an object, provision of a mailbox …

4. Schedule of payments for new construction in accordance with the law.

Payment for real estate under construction is carried out on the basis of MaBV (Makler und Bauträgerverordnung) according to the following scheme:

· 25%, after receipt of notarial confirmation (The right of retention, according to § 632 para. 3 of the German Civil Code, is taken into account).

· 28%, after the construction of the frame, including work on the rooms.

· 18%, after the construction of the roof, drain pipes, completion of the initial installation of heating, plumbing and electrical equipment, installation of double-glazed windows.

· 20.5%, step by step when transferring ownership.

· 5%, immediately after the completion of construction work on time and without significant shortcomings.

· Last installment of 3.5%, immediately upon completion of the housing construction, also including the underground garage and infrastructure.

5. Available financing schemes for non-residents of primary and secondary real estate.

6. Asset and real estate management from professionals.

· Calculation of income from rent and calculation of costs, collection of rent.

· Drawing up an economic development plan.

· Monitoring and control of construction and repair works.

· Insurance services, including recording of damages.

· Summing up the results for the year and maintaining accounting records.

· Providing a report to the owner.

· Mail receiving services.

· Maintenance and repair services.

· Design and modernization of real estate.

· Furnishing.

· Leasing out space.

· Discussing and concluding a lease agreement, as well as its termination.

· An increase in the monthly rent.

· And much more…

7. Relocation services.

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