We are ready to offer hunting in Bavaria with a fixed fee. Changes in the dates of arrival and departure, number of people, dates of hunting and dates of residence, you can specify when submitting an application.

Arrival on Friday (Departure on Sunday2,5 days of hunting (2 nights)520-590-
Additional day1 day130-158-


Arrival on Saturday (Departure on Sunday)6 days of hunting1.300-1.560-

Охота в баварских лесахShot taxes are valid in Bavaria. Overnight stay in category 1 includes accommodation in a hunting lodge without electricity, with a stove, category 2 – hunting lodges with an electric or gas stove, with separate rooms and showers. In case you want to get a more comfortable home, we will send you offers with prices.


List of services included in the price:List of services paid separately:
transfer from and to the nearest train station stationscatering
overnight stay in category 1 for 1 personorganization of drinks
hunting tax and small game shootinghoofed game taxes
training in the hunting districthunting guide 1/1
trophy preparation


At the end of your hunt, you analyze and draw your hunting route with the head of the district and sign a document about your trophies. After that, you will be issued an invoice with a duty on the shot, taking into account the deposit you have made.


Охота в баварских лесах

We offer you organization and support in hunting in the Oberfalz areas of Bavaria with a high content of red and black hoofed game, through the pristine coniferous Bavarian forest, as well as in Lower Bavaria, which can offer excellent hunting for small game, right up to the Algäu region. Not so widely known among hunting enthusiasts is the Oberfalz region, located near the border with the Czech Republic. But in this area there are wonderful opportunities for hunting red deer and wild boars.

The wildlife population is also very high in the Bavarian Forest, famous for its pines and firs. But those who decide to hunt in these forests must not forget about all the difficulties associated with hunting in the forest. This hunting region is not intended for those who imagine wild nature only in meadows and fields.
And those who would like to hunt small game, such as foxes, hares and game birds, will find the region of Lower Bavaria inimitable with game feeding grounds, hunting with a dog can be especially enjoyed here.

The Algoy region is famous for its high-mountainous alpine pastures with lush grass. Roe deer, chamois, black goats feel excellent here. And under the canopy of the forests, noble deer hide, making the heart of an inveterate hunter beat faster. We have signed a contract for 900 hectares of hunting grounds in this area for deer and chamois.

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