A unique contract with the Bavarian company WiP Immobilien GmbH and another victory in the all-Russian professional competition CREDO-2014 was brought to the Rostov Real Estate Center Alex by high-quality staff training.

On October 2, 2014, Rostov-based Real Estate Center Alex won the Best Realtor Organization in the Secondary Housing Market nomination at the CREDO-2014 National Competition in Real Estate, Construction and Mortgage Lending, as it became known to the Press Release Workshop. The competition was held in St. Petersburg as part of the All-Russian Housing Congress, one of the largest industry events in Russia.

The director of the Alex Real Estate Center, Alexander Konochkin, in particular, told the Press Release Workshop that, in addition to the prize cherished for any real estate company, he brought from the housing congress a unique cooperation agreement with WiP Immobilien GmbH (Germany). According to its terms, the German side will not only expect clients wishing to purchase real estate in Germany from the Rostov partner. But also look among compatriots for owners of real estate in Russia, which needs to be properly managed, as well as Germans who want to invest in Russian real estate.

According to Alexander Konochkin, in Munich the yield of residential real estate is considered to be very good in the range of 3-4% per annum. In Rostov-on-Don, the liquidity of real estate is high, and the yield can reach 8% per month, which is certainly attractive for German investors. The successful implementation of such a joint project can give a new vector to the development of international relations of the Russian Federation in the real estate business.

Rostov’s Real Estate Center Alex faced strong contenders in the Best Realtor Organization in the Secondary Housing Market nomination: Moscow Real Estate Agency (Petrozavodsk) and Nord Agency (St. Petersburg). Nevertheless, the professional community gave preference to Rostovites. Let us recall that a year earlier, at CREDO-2013, CN Alex, the first of the South Russian companies, was recognized as the winner in the nomination “The Best Brokerage Organization in the Mortgage Lending Market”. The more surprising for the winners was repeated success.

Speaking about the prerequisites for this victory and all previous awards of the company, Alexander Konochkin singled out one in particular:

— The main thing that helps us to regularly receive prestigious professional awards is constant and high-quality staff training. Alex Real Estate Center has been conducting training courses for the profession of a realtor for more than 10 years. The three-day course, which took place on September 17-19, could not accommodate everyone,

therefore, we were forced to open a recruitment for the next, 15th group, and it is already one third full.

According to Alexander, the demand for the course is due to the fact that in the process of training, students are given all the basics of the profession of a realtor in a concise and capacious form. This allows Alex Real Estate Center both to prepare its own recruits for successful work and to replenish its staff with people who came to the courses “from the street”. And an indicator of the quality of agent training is the fact that agents from other real estate agencies and specialists from the sales departments of developer companies are sent to the courses, and not only from Rostov-on-Don.

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