While previously in order to establish a company in Germany and obtain a residence permit a businessman from Russia was required to invest at least 250,000 euros and create at least five jobs, since August 1 this rule was abolished

The Blue Card is a new version of the residence permit for citizens of third countries (non-EU) coming for the purpose of employment in the European Union. This innovation is designed to increase the attractiveness of the eurozone countries for highly skilled professionals, which are increasingly in short supply. Germany, including Bavaria, one of Western Europe’s most economically powerful regions, is also interested in the influx.

Amendments to the migration legislation of the European Union have recently come into force in Germany – since August 1, 2012, after their approval by the German Bundestag. Not much time has passed. It is too early to judge how the new rule is realized in practice, what decisions are made by the German migration services – the departments for foreigners or consular offices of Germany in Russia, and whether they have received the corresponding instructions.

Requirements for those who want to take advantage of the innovation and get a blue card. The main thing is to have high qualifications. It must be confirmed by a diploma of higher education. It is also possible without a diploma. But then you will need to document the required qualifications on the basis of the results of the previous five-year period. In addition to this, you will have to prove that you have received a total gross income (before tax) of at least 44,800 euros within a year at your future place of work in Germany.

To begin with find a job. Make an agreement with your employer that he will hire you. It is best to have an employment contract already signed.

If the contract is signed for a period of 33 months or more, the blue card holder receives an indefinite right of residence in Germany. If he can show the knowledge of German at level B1 (understand the basic elements of speech necessary in everyday life and household situations, be able to express his thoughts simply and coherently), then the residence permit can be obtained with a term of employment contract already from 21 months.

Other requirements may be imposed when you visit the consular section of the embassy. You will need to submit documents confirming that you have a place to live. For example, the contract on the lease of an apartment in Germany. Especially if you are married and it is a question of your spouse and children moving in with you, which is also possible. For the first time you need, of course, insurance, a sufficient amount of livelihood.

Armed with all the documents, go to a meeting with the consular officials of the Federal Republic of Germany in Russia. The main thing – I repeat – find a job in advance, and be prepared to confirm it with documents.

I recommend everyone who wants to go to the site www.make-it-in-germany.com/en/home/. There is a lot of useful information, you can even analyze your prospects online.

Germany, including Bavaria, has a particular need for engineers, IT specialists, natural scientists, mathematicians and doctors. The “entry threshold” for those who want to find a job here is specially lowered. It is enough to have a minimum pre-tax income of 35,000 euros per year. With an annual income of 35,000 euros will have to pay about 25% tax. So I don’t rule out that for a similar position in Moscow you can earn a little more at the expense of more liberal taxation. Although, understandably, there are other aspects. Some people like to live and work in Western Europe. In Bavaria, for example. This land of Germany is perhaps one of the most interesting and attractive in all of Western Europe.

If you are employed in Germany or do business there, it is strictly necessary to comply with the established procedures for relations with the tax authorities. Tax evasion is a serious offence. If you are an entrepreneur and intend to invest in Germany, the criteria for checking the legitimacy of the origin of the money are no less stringent. This region is very attractive both for life and for business. Especially since there are support opportunities. So, feel free to contact us and we will advise you!

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