Professional investors working in the real estate market in various countries have become quite whimsical. Germany is leading the way and is an attractive place to invest this year. Ernst & Young Real Estate surveyed 120 real estate investors, including banks, insurance companies, funds and real estate agencies. This made it possible to prepare a report predicting increased activity in the real estate market.

From which it follows that the closing link of the European ranking is Italy. 70% of respondents assess the state in southern Europe as “little attractive” when it comes to investing in real estate, namely, none of the respondents in 2013 would like to invest in residential real estate, as one in four expects prices to fall.

Spain is right behind Italy. About 63% of respondents say that they consider Spain unattractive state for investing in real estate, as both European countries are suffering from a debt crisis. Only one in ten expects prices to rise from investments in objects with a type 1a location.

France is also at the bottom of the ranking. Only 33% of respondents assess our neighboring country as unattractive, while 46% indicate that France is an attractive place to invest in real estate. 46% of investors expect prices to rise from investments in residential real estate located in the best areas. In the periphery, this figure is 33%.

The Netherlands has a more advantageous position: 62% of respondents consider the country an attractive place for investing in real estate, 16% – a very promising country. Only 22% of those surveyed said they would not invest their capital.

Also, 50% of respondents rate Ukraine as an attractive place for investment in real estate, about 30% as very attractive.

Next to Ukraine in the ranking is Austria. Although only 48% of respondents consider the country an attractive place to invest in real estate, nevertheless, 33% consider Austria as a very promising option.

Russia is also a country where investors would like to invest money. This is confirmed by 64% of respondents. 23% rate Russia as a very good real estate investment opportunity.

The local market in Poland is assessed by the respondents especially positively. 45% consider the country in terms of investment in real estate as an attractive and even very attractive place. Only 10% of interviewees assessed the situation not so positively.

The British can rejoice, their country is classified by 63% of the respondents as attractive, the next 28% rated England as very attractive. In addition, 66% of professional investors in the UK expect to receive a return on investment in residential property with a type 1a location.

Also, for 60% of those interviewed, Switzerland is an attractive place to invest in real estate. Only 8% assess the country negatively from this point of view. Investor interest in housing in Switzerland is particularly high. 55% of capital investors expect price increases for properties located in the best areas.

The pursuit of material values is especially characteristic of Germany. About 58% of respondents consider this country as an attractive place to invest in real estate, about 41% rate Germany very well. In addition, in Germany, one can note an increase in prices of approximately 66% for properties with location type 1a. In the periphery, 15% of respondents still expect price increases.

Non-European countries position themselves better. Turkey shows a very good result in the ranking: all interviewees positively evaluate the country for investing in real estate. 40% of respondents consider her very attractive, 60% of respondents consider her attractive. 55% expect real estate prices to rise in prime locations.

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