For the people of Munich, Schwabing is not just a district of the city – it is a special way of life. Spend a pleasant evening in the outdoor cafe on Leopoldstraße, wander through the many fashionable shops, in the summer wander into the cool shade of the magnificent English Park, sit in the beer garden at the Chinese Tower, walk along the quiet streets with houses built in the Art Deco style

, and this is not complete list of what is good in Schwabing.

description of the Schwabing area, real estate prices Schwabing in Munich

This is an area with a rich history, artists, sculptors, 

writers lived here, Ernst Kirchner, Franz Marc, Paul Klee, the Blue Rider group of artists led by Wassily Kandinsky, writers Thomas Mann, Frank Wedekind met in the restaurants of Schwabing. There are places to go with children here: in addition to the English Garden in summer and winter, you can go to outdoor and indoor swimming pools, cinemas, and visit exhibitions. Schwabing has very convenient transport links: metro lines, buses, trams will help you get to anywhere in the city. The development of the bohemian district of Schwabing was already completed by the sixties of the twentieth century, but real estate prices in this area have remained at dizzying levels ever since. Over the past few years, they have grown rapidly again, although there has been no change in the real estate itself – it’s just that the prestige of Schwabing is growing, there are a lot of people who want to live in magnificent Art Nouveau apartments near Einmillerstraße and Hohenzollern Square. Prices for apartments in houses on Königinstrasse or near the English Garden can be safely called astronomical, but, nevertheless, they are paid. The construction of new housing is carried out primarily in the north of Schwabing near the Olympic Park: Knorr’s enterprises were previously located here, now these sites are allocated for the construction of residential real estate.

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