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If you want to find the definition of the Milbertshofen area, you don’t have to think twice: Olympia.  The Olympic Park, the Olympic Stadium, the Olympic Village – the 1972 games created this neighborhood. But not only that: The main offices of automobile manufacturer BMW in Munich are located here.

In 1966, it was decided to hold the XX Olympic Games in Munich. This decision brought about important changes in the Milbertshofen district, because the construction of the Olympic venues began here. Until today, it is these buildings that define the face of the Milbertshofen district of München. The Olympic Stadium with its timelessly daring roof design has long been one of the landmarks of the city.

In the large and small halls of the Olympic Hall you can see exhibitions of the most important contemporary artists. And from the top of the Olympic Tower you can enjoy one of the most beautiful and breathtaking views of Bavaria’s capital city.

However, the most beloved and most visited since then has been the Olympic Park. Whether it’s a cycling tour of the park lake, basketball, soccer, volleyball or tennis, there is something for every recreation enthusiast.

Those who come here with children should definitely visit the underwater world of Sea Life. Or come and cheer for the hockey team at the Olympic Ice Hall.

Concerts and performances are now held in the stadium, which was previously home to FC Bayern and TSV 869 Munich. There is never a dull moment in the Olympic Stadium and Park, there are music festivals, exhibitions, fairs such as the summer Sommertollwood and fireworks, to name just a few events.

Those who find themselves in the area of the Olympic Village for the first time may be surprised by the large number of massive concrete buildings, the density of the built-up area. But what surprised residents at first has now become quite commonplace: former homes for sports teams have become sought-after housing for a wide variety of age groups, from students and young families with children to retirees enjoying the convenience of the neighborhood’s infrastructure and numerous parks and gardens.

Historically, Milbertshofen was in dire need of reconstruction after World War II. Before the war it had been an industrial area, so it was subjected to massive bombing by the Allied Forces. And in 1957 it was decided to build the Frankfurter Ring freeway through the area, which resulted in the remaining old farmhouses being demolished.

In 2002, the Petuel underground tunnel was built, transforming the noisy, polluted highway into a green garden. Now residents of the neighborhood have one more park, Petuelpark, in addition to the many green parks.

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