The main station, the Oktoberfest, little Istanbul, and, in contrast, the clinic district: The Ludwigforstad is an active and diverse neighborhood. The Bavarian statue with its hall of fame at the Theresienwiese Meadow has a special attraction.  Every year several million people make a pilgrimage to it as soon as the famous Oktoberfest “O’zapft is” rings out.

The Ludwigforstat district to the west of the old city includes the Main Station, Theresienwiese Meadow (site of the famous Oktoberfest beer festival) and Munich’s Central Hospital.  The Hauptbahnhof is Munich’s most important transportation hub: the arrival and departure point for intercity and international trains, it carries all local trains, four subway lines, numerous bus and streetcar stops nearby.

The U 4 and U 5 subway lines will bring you right to the famous Theresienwiese, the favorite “pilgrimage place” of all lovers of the real Bavarian beer. Next to the Hackerbrücke Bridge there is a bus station, built in 2009, an important hub for intercity and international connections.

Ludwigforstat in numbers. Together with Isarvorstat the Ludwigforstat makes up Munich’s second district. It has a total area of approx. 440.21 ha and is home to 50,620 inhabitants, 61 childcare facilities, 6 elementary school and 2 secondary schools. The Folk High School offers supplementary education courses for children and adults. In addition there are 5 real schools, 3 gymnasiums and 36 vocational schools.


Isarforstat is not just a residential neighborhood. The area around Gärtnerplatz is one of the city’s most beloved places, with numerous pubs, cafes, restaurants, pastry shops, and eateries to suit all tastes. The quality of life here is not just about the high cost of living. It is a democratic neighborhood that combines different cultures. In a few words, the following come to mind: lively, spontaneous, tolerant, welcoming, and cozy.

Isarforstat, real estate Munich

In the district of Isarforstat a lot of old houses have been preserved to this day. Particularly charismatic are the Wokurge Gärtnerplatz and the Glockenbach. Here you’ll find a variety of cozy cafes, colorful taverns, little stores, squares and gardens. Tourists and locals alike like to spend their free time here strolling through the streets and relaxing with a cup of coffee or tea. In the evenings, the neighborhood opens its doors to nightclubs and restaurants.

Even in this densely built-up residential area you can breathe easy: the green meadows of the Isar River embankment and the large old South Cemetery, which celebrated its 450th anniversary in 2013, are the “green lungs” of Isarforshtat.

During the warmer months, the district’s residents enjoy the Schyrenbad, Munich’s oldest swimming pool. Isarforstad has retained its lively neighborhood culture, which is reflected in many street festivals, art events as well as galleries and artisan stores. Gradual changes are encompassing more and more neighborhoods. For example, on the site of the former slaughterhouse and three mills, more and more inns, small cafes and restaurants are opening.

In spite of rising rent prices and the decreasing number of old-timers, Isarforestat is still a particularly lively and tolerant residential area with a wide variety of population groups. The pride of the neighborhood is the building of the Puppet Theater, the oldest in Germany, which opened in 1858.

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