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The Lime district has many faces: the large buildings in Landsberger Strasse, the idyllic single-family homes in the villa district, the park of Lime Castle or the rustic buildings of Laimer Platz with the church of St. Ulrich. All of these are skillfully combined in Lime.  The district was formerly known as a settlement of railroad employees, but after the closing of the marshalling yard, Lime became primarily a residential area.

Lime is the twenty-fifth district of Munich and covers an area of 528.59 hectares, with a current population of 54,714.

The pace of life in Fürstenrieder and Landsberger Streets can be very hectic. But if you walk as far as the “Villa Colony” of Castle Park Lime, you enter a completely different world. The name “Villa Colonia” might not be appropriate for the neighborhood, since it lacks a uniform architectural style, as is the case, for example, with the villas in the suburbs of Grunwald. Here you’ll find cute little houses for one or two families, small townhouses with cute little gardens that are in high demand among families with children. The name “Villa Colony” dates back to the beginning of the 20th century, when there were plans to build a “garden city” style neighborhood.  This feature of the layout has been preserved to this day.

Just as idyllic are the residential areas on Gunzensehtrasse, with their facades varied in style and color, which are a joy to behold. The houses on Forburger and For der Forten are also lined with beautiful houses. The neighbourhood of Lime is very popular because of the lovely small gardens and the close proximity to large parks – making it a very pleasant place to live. The district also has 37 day care centers, five elementary and three high schools, a gymnasium, two middle schools and three vocational schools that make it a good choice for families with children.

Lime borders Schwantalerhoe and Pasing and is an easy and fast way to get to Pasing Central Station and the freeway exit A 96 Munich-Lindau. You can also get anywhere in Munich by subway, bus and streetcar lines (line 18 and 19).

And don’t forget that Nympheburg Palace Park, Hirschgarten Park and the Eastern Park are Munich’s most beautiful gardens.


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