описание района Фельдмохинг, цены на недвижимость Фельдмохинг в Мюнхене

Feldmoching is probably one of the most rural areas of Munich. Above all, the local historic center with its old courtyards and restaurants is reminiscent of Bavarian country life. Feldmoching is known as the “Three Lakes Region” and has long been one of Munich’s most popular suburban holiday destinations.

The Schwarzholz is another beautiful natural landscape that has been preserved within the metropolitan area.

Lake Feldmoching, along with Pheasant Lake and Lehenauersee, belongs to the so-called “Three Lakes Region”. These lakes are very popular, above all because of the excellent water quality: Swimming and bathing is completely undisturbed, which attracts families with children. In addition, on the shores are places for picnics, beach volleyball, table tennis, – excellent opportunities to spend a day in nature.

Nature lovers should visit the Schwarzholzell nature reserve in Feldmöhing. Since 1994, 80 hectares of the park have been under state protection. In the summer many citizens enjoy the shade of the trees in their free time, but even in winter, when it is not so crowded, guests of the reserve can take long walks in the fresh air. Not surprisingly, it is then that the paths of man and the fearful roe deer can cross.

In connection with the Olympic Games in Munich in 1972, a rowing canal was built in the Schwarzholzell.  Until today, it is used by sports clubs.

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