Bogenhausen, Prinzregentheater, Munich

The city district of Bogenhausen is located in the north-eastern part of Munich.  The area is quite large district, which is divided into 7 parts. It emerged before the founding of Munich, but developed and built up in the era of the Grunders. At that time, its centralized construction began, and the most representative elite real estate in Germany was built here.

The western part of the area belongs to the most prestigious real estate in Munich. The districts of Altbogenhausen and Herzogpark are home to luxury villas and representative buildings of the city. The prices of the apartments are above the highest real estate prices in Bavaria.

Whoever wants to know what kind of neighbors surround him in Bogenhausen, can take a look at the book “The Celebrities of Bogenhausen” written by the art historian Dorle Gröbl, which describes about 80 villas and their former owners. One of them is the writer Thomas Mann, who lived here with his family. Today the Mann house belongs to Alexander Diebelius, head of the German investment bank Goldman-Zahs. The next prominent personalities who lived in Bogenhausen are Rudolf Diesel, publisher Karl Ganser and actress Maria Schnell. Today, Eckhard Cordes, director of the Metro, and Otto-Erbin Ingwild Goetz are residents of Bogenhausen.

The Ducal Park is one of the most iconic parts of Bogenhausen. Until today it remains one of the most elegant parts of Munich, home to the political and social elite of the city and country.

In 1805, Count von Montgelas had a park laid out north of the Bogenhausen Bridge near Stepperg Castle. It was later purchased by Duke Max of Bavaria. Thus the park was renamed the Ducal Park. Erich Kästner, Wilhelm Conrad Röntgen, August Pschorr once lived in this respectable area of the city. And not without reason one of the park’s alleys is named after Thomas Mann: the famous writer lived exactly in the Herzog Park.

“It is neither forest nor park, it is a magical garden,” he wrote in his 1919 short story The Master and the Dog about this beautiful park!

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