Aubing was once a small village, this can still be seen in the old farmsteads that have survived to the present day and by visiting its historic center with the church of St. Quirin. The suburban recreation area, a favorite of many, is located in Aubinger Loe.
To the west of Aubing there is the residential area of Freiham.
Aubinger Loe is one of the most popular recreational areas in western Munich. On hot summer days it is a pleasure to walk around under the spruce trees. First of all, those coming here for the first time should not miss the ruins of Aubing Castle, which dates back to the 10th century and is situated in the northeast of Aubinger See. This castle is popularly known as the “Castle of the Devil”.
Aubinger Loe is part of the Bavarian landscape reserve.
In winter, children have a wonderful opportunity to go sledding.


Infrastructure Lochhausen, Munich, real estate prices in Lochhausen

One gets the impression that city life runs far away from Lochhausen: the area is characterized more by a quiet, rural, measured everyday life. This is probably why many people are drawn to this popular residential area, as it is relatively close to the center and at the same time can enjoy a quiet life. In addition, there are many beautiful suburban recreation areas close to Lochhausen.

Lochhausen was a village until the middle of the 20th century and agriculture was the main occupation here. The distinctive rustic flavour of the countryside has been preserved to the present day: A rarity in Munich, many farmsteads are now and again typical for this district, which is partly cultivated by the farming industry.  Although Lochhausen is not a typical conurbation, this does not make it any less so, with many residents preferring rural life to the hectic pace of the metropolis. And thanks to the S-Bahn train line that passes through here, there are uninterrupted transport links with Munich’s central districts.

Since the incorporation of Lochhausen into the Bavarian capital in 1942, the area has been developing slowly and cautiously. As a consequence, Lochhausen is very different from the Aubing district, also part of the city, which has developed more rapidly: Aubing is an area where large blocks of flats are built, while in Lochhausen the focus is on one-family houses or compact townhouses. Lochhausen thus retains its appeal for families with children to this day, as you can find accommodation with a private garden, enjoy the countryside air and peace, and at the same time not neglect the conveniences of city life.


Langwied, Munich, real estate prices in Langwied

Part of the big city combined with the idyll of the countryside: nowhere is this unity more vividly expressed than in the Langwied district of Munich. The Langwied Lake with its picturesque ponds and Luss Lake are situated in this well-known recreational area of the Bavarian metropolis. The unique beauty of the area is given by the typical rural houses and arable land.

Whoever wants to get away from the hustle and bustle of the big city for a few hours, cannot go wrong with this district. As you travel through the vast meadows and forests of Langwied, you can hardly imagine that you are still within the city limits. The Langwied Lakes are particularly beautiful: Langwied and Luss Lake and can be counted among the favorite walking destinations of the inhabitants of Munich.

Its own bus line operates during the summer months, so it is easier and faster to get to the local recreational oases. The lake plateau of the Langwied belongs to the Birkensee, which, however, is already part of the Dachau district.

A walk through the Langwied is another excellent opportunity to leave behind, if only for a few hours, the excitement of hectic city life. It is a special natural landscape very different from the flora of the Bavarian capital with its lime lawns. Since 1995, the heath has been under the protection of the Wildlife Conservation Board and is meant exclusively for long walks.

The center of Langwied can also be called idyllic. The Chapel of Our Lady is located here, and the peaceful Langwyd Creek flows through the center of the neighborhood. The entire historic center is protected by the state.


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